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Gavin Kerruish, Managing Partner and Senior Physiotherapist

Changing From Farming to Healthcare

Gavin KerruishGavin started out as a farmer in the Wheatbelt district of Wickepin, looking after sheep and wheat. He began to feel like it wasn’t for him, however, and soon heard a radio interview that would motivate him to make a career change. A family member of a person with cystic fibrosis was discussing what a difference the physiotherapist made in their lives. Interested, he explored the position further and realised it would allow him to use his sporting background, which included cricket, football and swimming, and his want to work with people.

I enjoy the challenge of helping people achieve their goals. Someone can be in pain, unable to do much at all, and soon progresses and improves. It’s a privilege to be of assistance to them.”

He sold the farm and enrolled at Curtin University. While there, he discovered the incredible range of conditions and people that physiotherapy can be of assistance to. After graduating in 2002, he started practicing at Arena Joondalup Physiotherapy.

Constantly Learning and Improving

To continue bringing his clients the best in the field, Gavin undergoes regular professional development courses. His personal special interests are in the treatment of the shoulder and hip, though he stays informed on all aspects of physiotherapy. He works closely with area surgeons, even attending surgeries and working with health professionals to manage a client’s case. Additionally, Gavin is a member of

  • The Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • The Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Association

Gavin was the senior physiotherapist for the West Perth Football Club from 2003 to 2016. He also sees many athletes from the Arena Swim Club.

Outside of the Practice

In his spare time, Gavin stays busy with his three young children a rather demanding Labrador and watching sports. He enjoys going on bike rides, watching football and netball and taking trips to visit family and friends in the country.

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