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Joondalup Physiotherapy for Personalised Care

Recover Your Health at Arena Joondalup Physiotherapy

Arena Joondalup Physiotherapy is proud to have been a part of our community for over 23 years. Led by Joondalup Physiotherapist Gavin Kerruish, our team is made up of seven practitioners with full on-site facilities at the HBF Arena Recreation Centre.

Providing Long-Term Solutions

Often, our clients seek help for problems with their neck, back, shoulder and knees, as well as sporting injuries. No matter what your concern may be, we understand that you want to know what’s wrong. We’ll seek to give you an accurate diagnosis, then describe how we plan to help you. After your first appointment, you will leave our clinic knowing what your treatment will be. It’s our goal to get you well as quickly as possible and minimise the chances of your problem returning.

Hands On, Natural Care

We believe in the use of hands-on therapy to ease your pain and combine a variety of techniques and evidence-based practices that are tailored to your precise needs. We offer a spectrum of services including Shockwave therapy, laser therapy, dry needling, clinical Pilates, rehabilitation, manipulation, hydrotherapy, preoperative exercise programs, real-time ultrasound imaging, and canalith positioning for vertigo and we work to educate you on specific exercise regimes to prevent injury and dysfunction in the future.

We are proud to introduce Game Ready Ice Compression System as part of our services.
Game Ready is known as the leader in innovative systems for sports injury recovery
and post-op orthopaedic rehabilitation.

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