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Rehabilitation Joondalup

Catherine consulting with new clientHave you twisted a knee or ankle on the field? Are you in the process of recovering from neuro or orthopaedic surgery? Does that back injury never seem to really go away?

Whether you suffer from acute or chronic pain, the team at Arena Joondalup Physiotherapy can help you with a tailored rehabilitation program. We’ll help you be pain-free, mobile, flexible, strong and ready to return to your desired activities as quickly as possible.

Our rehabilitation programmes may include hands-on techniques, ultrasound imaging, muscle retraining, supervised exercises on-site or at a local gym, hydrotherapy, Pilates and home-based exercise.

Knee and Ankle Pain

According to research, it can take 12 months for a knee or ankle to regain full balance and coordination (also called proprioception) after a moderate ligament sprain. Physiotherapy may get you back to your life after just a few weeks, but the chance of reinjury is high. With a graduated rehabilitation programme, your proprioception, strength and flexibility will be retrained, decreasing the chance of recurrence.

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

It’s common to have surgery done on the spine, shoulder, wrist, elbow, knee, ankle or hip. A graduated rehabilitation program can get you the best possible outcomes after you’ve invested in surgery. Immediately after, you’ll need to strengthen muscles, mobilise joints and retrain your biomechanics so that you can stay well.

Chronic Back Injury

Our rehabilitation programme involves real-time ultrasounds that assess and retrain the muscles deep in the lower back, assisting in preventing a recurrence. You’ll learn how to move while taking pressure off your lower back and receive an exercise program based on Pilates, done at the gym pool or your home to improve your strength, function and flexibility.

Workers’ Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Those who have been in a motor vehicle collision or have been injured on the job may benefit from our rehabilitation programmes. Your physiotherapist can work in conjunction with your GP, insurance company and other health professionals to create a treatment plan appropriate for you, which may include programmes like return to work, physical conditioning and work site assessments.

Request a Consultation

To find out more about what we do and Arena Joondalup Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Joondalup , contact us today! We’re preferred providers with Bupa, Medibank Private, and HCF and can process your rebate on-site.


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