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Radial Shockwave Therapy Joondalup

Gavin applying shockwave therapy to a patient's footCertain conditions are notoriously difficult to address and resolve. With Shockwave therapy, patients who suffer from plantar fasciitis and tendinopathy in the Achilles or patella can find an effective solution.

How Shockwave Therapy Helps

This therapy uses high-pressure, acoustic shockwaves, sending them through the skin to stimulate healing and pain relief. The small “shocks” produced create a microtrauma that the tissues then seek to address.

Most of the research within Shockwave therapy centers on the treatment of plantar fasciitis, which has shown positive results. Evidence now also exists for patella and Achilles tendinopathy, as well as for Tennis Elbow and Shoulder and Gluteal tendinopathies.

What Treatment Involves

At Arena Joondalup Physiotherapy, we generally recommend a standard protocol of six sessions held once a week for a six-week period. Hands-on therapies and exercise may also be recommended. Although this is a specialised treatment, there is no extra cost.

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